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How to get set up: Services

How to get set up?

Set up a Strava Group

Join Strava and set up a group that can record all your teams activity.  This group will need to be a triathlon group to ensure that all swimming, cycling and running activities are recorded in one place. 

Start inviting your team members....if their activities aren't on Strava then it won't count towards your total.

For more info on how to set up a group on Strava click below.

Share your Groups activity

So that we can collate your team's weekly totals please share your group's activities with us. 

To do this your Strava club admin will need to send us your club's Strava Widget code.

To get this code follow the instructions for 'share group activities' after clicking below.

Please then share this code with us via the submission form below.  

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

How to get set up: Contact
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