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19/01/2020 Score are in!

Another week and more new faces to the challenge, a warm welcome to Connect Health! This weeks numbers are....

After a few requests we've updated the results dashboard to increase Km's completed across the world and the in week distance covered. Hope everyone is enjoying the challenge, any suggestions then just get in touch. Thanks

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Great work this week everyone, the miles keep on rolling in! Another big week from South Tees has cemented their place in third. Good news for CDDFT though as they have also completed the challenge

Another week and South Tees edge further ahead in the race for third place...with only 0.1% in it, surely they have it wrapped up! Well done everyone and keep up the great work!

Another week and the race for third is going to be a close run thing! Big weeks from South Tees and CDDFT again but South Tees take it and extend their lead over CDDFT. It remains close so a big wee

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